Do you want to experience the ultimate car?

When you think of a luxury car, of course it’s going to be makes such as Aston Martin, Bentley and Jaguar. You may also think the chance of you getting to experience such sophistication is past you. However, with City Inter-Rent’s luxury car hire, it is more accessible than ever making dreams become a reality. Find out about insurance types.

Luxury car hire in London: Prices start from £180 per day and you can choose a nearby pick up location such as London airports or in their Bayswater and Marble Arch branches. Rent an Aston Martin today

Aston Martin DB9 Volante

Any model of Aston Martin just screams power, but with the DB9, it is much more. This sports car is perfect if you’re making business or personal impressions. Let everybody think you have what it takes to be the most powerful man in the room. Check out reviews.

Wherever you are, people’s heads will turn and wish they had the determination that you do in this powerful monster of a car.   Experience the performance of the car and enjoy reaching 62 MPH in less than five seconds. See more information.

Bentley GT

Bentley cars are some of the most luxury cars on the market. The GT is perfect for travelling around the country to see the sights, or if you’re looking for a good impression in London, either way, you are in for a ride.

Reach the thrilling speed of 60 MPH in four seconds and travel up to 198 MPH down a long stretch of clear road. There is no better way to experience class than a Bentley.

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